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  • John Vazquez

    Mind blown - the Captain Planet kids are the Magic Schoolbus kids all grown up!

  • Cherrie

    23 Things From Your Childhood You Can Never Unsee via Buzzfeed. This makes sense now, of COURSE the MSB kids grow up to work for Captain Planet!

  • Jill Nicole

    How the kids from the The Magic Schoolbus grew up to be the kids from Captain Planet. #MindBlown

  • Lewis Cruickshank

    The "Captain Planet" And "Magic Schoolbus" Are Actually The Same Show #funny ads

  • Jackie Spencer

    Magic school buses give you magic save-the-earth powers later in life!

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Pardon the language, but the idea is too funny. Looks like the Chameleon circuit on the Magic Schoolbus is on the fritz...b/c you know she's a Time Lord!

childhood innocence ruined..hahahaha

How I feel during finals week

Let's all ride on the magic school bus.

Not enough time to finish your school assingment? could this work???

I never even noticed till now. How funny

right? a magic button would be awesome.