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  • Michelle Riffle

    #44 on my Bucket List - Be in a movie

  • Shamra Kline

    West Baton Rouge Parish Schools brings you short music videos (content trailers) "to hook " the learner. Sorted by grade level and subject. This is really cool!

  • Tiffany Rowe

    May be the COOLEST thing I have EVER Pinned! Content Trailers-short music videos to act as a "hook" when introducing a lesson. All grade levels, all subjects. (This is a great idea! Using movie maker, we could make our own too for our own units and lessons.)

  • Joyce Hughes

    I just checked this out. Great idea! This person uses short video clips as hooks and this just adds to that so much. And they're not on YouTube, so it isn't blocked!!! Content Trailers-short music videos to act as a "hook" when introducing a lesson. All grade levels, all subjects

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