• Lauren Spacer

    I challenge someone to try and tell me that Victoria Beckham isn't the luckiest girl in the whole freakin' world.

  • Kelly Styczynski

    David Beckham... haha not a huge fan but I must admit it is eye candy

  • Martin Wong

    David Beckham X White Emporio Armani underwear

  • Kaylan Sweno

    Athlete love - David Beckham #dbecks #davidbeckham #hottie #abs

  • Kam Finley

    Hot Guys - Pictures of Sexy Men - Cosmopolitan

  • Vanessa

    Oh No They Didn't! - Hot Men of Advertising

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Rui I don't know who he is but he is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful men I have ever seen!

Jonny Lang brilliant guitar man!!! I put Jonny on my Mal site because he owns a gorgeous Malinois!!

Jonny Lang, Just another musician that makes my heart sing and soul soar.

David Nieves

Travis Fimmel, Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings!

Djimon Hounsou

True passion: In the new issue of Man of the World, 27-year-old Scott Eastwood reveals: 'If I didn't do this, I'd be a fireman; something su...

Jared Leto, FourTwoNine

Luke Bryan loves Alpha Sigma Alpha therefore he loves me...we're meant to be obviously.

green eyes

George Michael

The Very Thought Of Him

Blake Shelton

Who's the Hottest Male Actor Over 50?

curly long hairstyles for men |

Brad....this was the best but this guy looks amazing regardless of whether he is scruffy, clean-shaven, long hair or short. And him and Angelina do so much good with their riches:))))))

Lenny Kravitz

Jon Bon Jovi

Jason Momoa

Johnny Depp, he always looks relaxed in whatever he's wearing. No matter how smart he's going for, everything still seems to carry that chilled out vibe.

Russell Wilson | Seattle Seahawks Quarterback



bon jovi- oh back in the day!