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Will the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs? The Dallas Cowboys have not been relevant to win the Super bowl since the Troy Aikman days. How far will they go this season?

OMG! I want this. Not because I'm a Cowboys fan, but because my dog's name is Dallas! baahahaha Kaity Parrott

D-Ware. During the strike, the players' association gave many of the players checks for $15k to get by on. D-Ware gave his back and said "give it to someone who really needs it". Now THAT's a true hero.

Love them. Win or lose. Some things said by some ppl the other night whose team wasn't even playing were absolutely ridiculous, and some just plain mean. Also, one call doesn't make or break a game when you have that much football left to play. The opposing coach, commentators/analysts were even saying that. Some are just such Cowboys haters anyway. They think it's okay to mouth off, but when we defend our team or say something about our team, heaven forbid. Amusing.

Dallas Cowboys Team Paracord Necklace with a NFL Officially Licensed Dog Tag Pendant. $16.00, via Etsy.

July and August 2013 Training Camp Ventura County (between LA and Santa Barbara) Dallas Cowboys