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Zodiac and the body "When human beings first began tracking and contemplating the movements and qualities of the planets, they found specific patterns that informed their intuition. Over the millenia, certain planets became associated with particular archetypal qualities. Over time these qualities were refined and evolved. Although it may be tempting to think of our star-gazing ancestors as naive, in many ways they were more connected to the living universe than we are today." Richard Rudd

I've been working on the next 6 zodiac signs finally! . . . Coming up, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

#Friday 11/6/15 #5OfCups #Numerology: #7 #MoonInVirgo The card of the day is the #FiveOfCups. You may be tempted to look backwards at what youve lost but youre ignoring what you have now. #MercuryTrineNeptune brings the temptation to daydream but dont turn those into useless musings for the past. Instead be thankful for where you are today and envision the future in a positive light. Stay in the present and be realistic about the direction in which you set your sails. Youll have a happy…

Yet, what hurts more than anything else is when the Scorpio Man shuts you out. And when you fall in love with this complicated man, such an occurrence will happen. Keep your faith and belief strong or else you'll be tempted to walk away, for good. And - that - would be a big mistake. The Scorpio Man is worth every ounce of the doubt and worry that he's causing you. Hold on!

I realize that there will always be some obstacle that we will have to get through but true love can get through anything together ❤️

The Art of Yoshitaka Amano

I love the art of Amano, so I decided to create a blog dedicated to it, since there appears to be a lack thereof. I hope you enjoy his work too.