• Wendi Dallons

    beautiful black and white horse, the beauty in animals reminds me there is a God.

  • Emilie Hope

    Just look at how beautiful this horse is. Take it in. The way the mane is softly billowing in the wind, the way its black and white coat stands out against the flowers in the background, yet it matches perfectly. Just take a minute to realize that this beautiful creature is real. Right now, it's doing something, in its beautiful way. Think about that, and take a moment to thank God, or whatever you believe in, for making this creature; this beautiful, living, breathing creature. This beautiful, living, breathing horse.

  • Arlene Ogden

    Stunningly beautiful horse. Breath-taking really. #horse #animals #beautiful #farm #pony #stunning

  • T Bartlett

    The Gypsy Horse (USA), also known as an Irish Cob (Ireland/UK), Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner (USA), Coloured Cob (UK/Ireland) or Tinker horse (Europe) - This horse is named 'Cow Girl' - Domaine du Vallon (France) Because she adores animals of all descriptions, and this is a beaut! WOW a real beautiful animal! Just amazing!!

  • Rylee Davis

    beautiful black and white hors

  • Kaitlyne Havens

    That face is just asking to be sketched. Black white horse, long mane

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