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a before I die list... 11 and 1/2 down...I'm still working on the traveling the world (and hopefully always will be). of the 3 "not checked" 2 are not really things on my list, and the last one? I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never win the lottery. (Even though Janell Dwier and I talk about EXACTLY how we'd spend the money about once a week. haha)

Before i die, i want to .. ...

www.girlsguidetop... I feel so blessed to have done most of these! I just hope I can go back and do then all over again!

And a wild kangaroo I've always wanted to do that : )

This would be a interesting challenge. I'm not sure if I'd be able to keep track though.

Before I die... more like for graduation?

www.starregistry.... I put this under ‘to own’, even though I suppose you don’t really OWN it. It didn’t fit anywhere else, but it seems to kind of go with the other things here. It’s still ‘yours’ in a way.

I have been on a horse, on the butt of a horse, falling off... scary... but I'd like to ride one for real.

yes. and I have to do that because i need to run through traffic when i jump out to run through traffic