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Barbie Dune Buggy. As I remember, it came with a sheet of decals so that you could customize it any way you wanted.

Love u Barbie .. I wish I still had u- however I think my sister cut your hair bald and drew on u with a Nikko

Got this for Christmas from my grandmother. I put all the stickers in the wrong places!!!

1970s Barbie Dune Buggy & Pop Up Camper I LOVE this! I had this set, wish I still did.

Totally had to repin!!! I had all of these... but Peaches and Cream Barbie was my favorite!!! I got her for my birthday!! :)

Vintage Barbie accessories--loved those white boots... Had to have the white kid sister chewed off Barbie's feet...the boots were the only way she would stand up after that! ~JentheFunHen

vintage barbie~~This barbie looks like Taylor Swift ;)

Sweet 16 Barbie - My all time favorite. She came with make-up, a brush and a Howards Johnson's gift certificate to go eat on your birthday. - Still have her and the pink dress.

Can't have a evil beings board without posting the real "barbie"!! Take a hint wannabes that had dicks at birth that spread their legs for anyone! I am the BARBIE DOLL! I have a female shaped face! lmfao!!! EEW They won't stop stalking me like totally! They have been doing it for years! I need witness protection from them!

Barbie Dream House. We played with this for hours and hours and hours. The darm elevator always fell of its track!