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You cannot allow anything discourteous to get into your mental attitude towards anything or anyone, including yourself. The instance you do, your relationship goes out of balance ... - John-Roger []

The spiritual Light illuminates the lower levels and guides you into expressions which allow you to learn, to grow, to lift into a more direct awareness of Spirit. - John-Roger []

If you have a spiritual experience and you want to keep having spiritual experiences, you must turn from that which you just completed and go on to the next thing. To do less is to deny your growth and awareness. - John-Roger []

The more you are loving, the more you free yourself to experience the Soul. - John-Roger []

If you can stop for a moment in your thinking and your questing and listen to the silence, you may start becoming aware of many levels of consciousness. You may become aware that you are on all levels of Light simultaneously. The ‘trick’ is to learn to shift your awareness to where you wish to be. - John-Roger []

It matters little what someone else does or has done. What matters is what you’re doing right now. - John-Roger []

When you ask for inner peace, you may find yourself talking less. To find the peace within, it’s often necessary to be quiet so that you can hear the inner voice of love. - John-Roger []

There is only one mind, and that is the mind of God. There is only one love, and that is the love of God. There is only one consciousness, and that is the consciousness of God. - John-Roger []

As God in manifestation, we are responsible for what we create. - John-Roger []

Remember that we are of God. We walk through this life with God beside us as our guide. We are never alone, never separated, always loved and cared for. We are one in God’s heart. - John-Roger []