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Sajen / Offerings goddess and crystal pendant, designed by Marianna and Richard Jacobs.

Pagan Shoes Wicca Witch: Gold Goddess Sandals.

Green Goddess Scrying Dowsing Mat, great for a pendulum too!

Scrying is the practice of using a medium, most commonly a reflective surface or translucent body, to aid perceived psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. The media often used to "see" are water, polished precious stones, crystal balls, or mirrors. Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of seeing the past, present, or future; in this sense scrying constitutes a form of divination.

Goddess Spiral - Wire, beads and a few other supplies and could make easily enough yourself

$55 Coined It Necklace - Necklaces | Silver | Back In Stock

Forest Goddess Wand by EireCrescent on Etsy, $55.99