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50 most awkward pregnancy pics hilarious! this is the best thing ever! and why i cant do pregnancy photos!

omg..... These are unbelievable! Horrified.

Funny pictures about Totally awkward pregnancy photos. Oh, and cool pics about Totally awkward pregnancy photos. Also, Totally awkward pregnancy photos.

Cuando no entiendas lo que alguien te está diciendo... (subjuntivo) - I´m not sure if this is the best advice for foreign language students, but it is sure to get a laugh. Perhaps it could be an opener for a discussion of things we can do when we don´t understand. Check out www.estudiafeliz.wordpress.com for other fun materials for Spanish teachers and students.

Cuando no entiendas lo que alguien te está diciendo… (subjuntivo)

Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

Family Photos Then and Now.  They always make me laugh harder than they probably should!

would be fun thing to do.Childhood photos recreated- omg these are hilarious


These 40 Incredibly awkward baby bump photos are creepy, funny, and just plan weird. Check out the awkward pregnancy photos and share your favorite.

Kids are the only ones that'll give you heart attacks followed by and unstopable laughter...

The joys of children. The spiderman one. I died. Feel bad for the dog in the stroller though

Awesome dads - mamaliefde

How-to be the most awesome dad

Three Second Rule Applies - Dropped Food on My Kid's Head - Fail Parent ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

Ich brütete lange über dem Text, den ich hierzu verfassen wollte, bis ich einsah, dass hier jedes Wort…

They have hair and I'm pissed AF! - Father's Day - Awkward Family Photos of embarrassing dads show how to ruin a picture

Wenn deine Frau schwanger ist...

The fact that this is half a nutella sandwich reminds me of my pregnancy with brenna.dipped in nutella!

what made them think that this is okay?!

And you thought your photos were awkward - Yikes! This is soooo funny!


Actually thiis has got to be the best photo shopped picture yet! Wait until their blind dates see what they really look like!

Socially awkward encounters

25 Socially Awkward Things We All Do, But Will Never Admit.

But doesn't it mean that (by pinning this) I'm not only admitting that I supposedly do these things but am now broadcasting it to the Internet, because apparently it's cool to be socially awkward now? Food for thought.

{Two Awesome Brothers Come Up With a Brilliant Idea..}--BEST. photo series of all time.

Two Awesome Brothers Come Up With a Brilliant Idea. *i so need to do this with my brother, my mom would fall over laughing*

Heart Vs. Brain

Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti)

Gotham needs me HAHAHA Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti) draw your otp doing all these lol