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Matter: It's a Solid, It's a Liquid, It's a gas

HOLY MATTER! Folks this file is jammed packed with tons of hands on Matter Science Learning! It is everything you need to teach the 3 states of matter and so much more! This file is a 41 page Matter Unit containing basic exploration experiments and response sheets. This file is aligned with the Common Core Essential Standards below. 2.P.2 Understand properties of solids and liquids and the changes they undergo. $5.99

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Scientist Lingo {Science vocabulary used by scientists/ scientific method}

$ Oh, those words scientists use.... infer, hypothesis, oh my! Mad lab science game, bingo board with word cards to also use for a word wall, word search, word scramble to help reinforce these words and more!

Parent-Friendly PRINTABLE Common Core Standards by each grade level. Perfect to print and send home at the beginning of the year to show what well be doing all year!

Set of 6 science journaling pages designed to help students observe, make connections, practice non-fiction reading skills, and reflect upon learni...


Teaching Science! March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Blog Post from Science and Math with Mrs. Lau. Good stuff on differentiation, good links, and good freebies.

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States of Matter Posters-Matter, Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Print these cute and easy to read posters for your solids, liquids, and gases unit. Great for your bulletin boards, science wall, or science folder...

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7 Ideas to Teach Students about Moon Phases

7 Ideas to Teach Students about Moon Phases (Ideas & Paid Resources from The Science Penguin)

60 Apps for Teaching STEAM. Apps for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics! Unique lists of apps that will be useful and a great reference as we go back to school.

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Properties of Matter Foldable

Properties of Matter Foldable $2.50 Students create a foldable for the properties of matter that includes examples and definitions for each. Perfect for gluing into a science notebook.

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Rocks and Minerals

This Science Notebook was created to accompany the Rocks and Minerals unit of study, which takes your students through a discovery of rocks and minerals. Students work in teams of geologists as they make observations about the properties of rocks. Technology is integrated through various websites that share information on rocks and on . Discovery Education is used to secure concepts and add depth to content.Companion guide to unit on Rocks and Minerals. ($6.00)

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Scientific Method Interactive Notebook Lapbook/ Foldable (Fun Hands on Activity)

This is a great way for students to learn and explain the scientific method, as well as to organize each step while following and conducting an actual science experiment.


Science Sparks

10 Egg Science Experiments, includes making an egg float, balancing books on egg shells and more.

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10 Scientific Method Tools to Make Science Easier

Teach Junkie: 10 Scientific Method Tools to Make Teaching Science Easier - Scientific Method Printable Chart