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  • Katie Rudd

    What Is Dyslexia? A video explaining the aspects of dyslexia.

  • Ann Vradenburg

    What Is Dyslexia? A great way to explain this to parents and teachers

  • Julie Burgess

    Ask the Expert Videos -Video Series by the National Center for Learning Disabilities - Cover various disabilities and basics about IEPs and 504s

  • Christy Walter

    Dyslexia is a learning disability that people are born with. This language processing disorder can hinder reading, writing, spelling, and sometimes even speaking. Dr. Horowitz talks about dyslexia and its impact on individuals with LD.

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I'll always remember Mr. Byrd's class where he made fun of me for having a hard time reading a paragraph - and I don't even have a really bad case. Never make fun - it's creates scars that sometimes never heal. Luckily over time I was able to overcome a lot of my reading problems.

What is dyslexia, from the web page Short list of items that are dyslexic - What Is Dyslexia, all about dyslexia and tips for dyslexia

Dyslexia: Learning disability that specifically impairs a person's ability to read.

Here you'll find many practical ideas and strategies to help students with a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, learn to read and spell.

I wonder- kids with learning difficulties like dyslexia are not dis-abled, but differently abled... and rather talented actually. It's all about how we frame things up. Out of the box thinkers - dyslexia

Dyslexia poster by Calum Douglas, student at Cardonald College in Glasgow, Scotland, for use by Dyslexia Scotland.

Dyslexia Awareness Month » goQ : Home of wordQ + speakQ : Word Prediction, Spoken Feedback & Speech Recognition Software

What Dyslexia Is? see our typeface collection that improves legibility and reading comprehension at www.fonts4dyslexi...

Asperger's Syndrome. Source: Centers for disease control.

for the average dyslexic has troubles when it comes to taking a lengthy, wordy test so often or not their just assumed "not smart" because of the the difficulties of testing. Frankly, the chances are a dyslexic you know has exceedingly higher IQ then you do. That's with the exception that your not a genius that is.