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"Tahoe Boulders at Sunset 9" - These boulders were photographed at sunset along the East Shore of Lake Tahoe.

"Sunset Fishing on Lake Tahoe 9" - Photograph of a fishing pole and downrigger at sunset on Lake Tahoe, on the East Shore.

"Sunset at Whale Beach, Tahoe 4" - Photograph of a sunset at Whale Beach on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe, shot through a pile of boulders. W...

"Sunset at Whale Beach, Tahoe 1" - Photograph of the sun setting above boulders and a tree at Whale Beach, Lake Tahoe.

"Tree at Bonsai Rock 1" - Photograph of a tree in front of the famous Bonsai Rock along the East shore of Lake Tahoe.

"Sunset at Lake Tahoe 25" - These boulders and seagulls were photographed at sunset from Speedboat Beach, Lake Tahoe.