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Now I'm crying...

Can't wait for the 50th anniversary too bad the 9th won't be there...

He really did a beautiful thing for Whovians that love Rose Tyler.

"This server at Olive Garden apparently decided to only use Doctor Who quotes while serving one evening, definitely worth a read. It made me laugh the whole way through." BEST SERVER EVER!

I've pinned this before. And I don't care. My eyes fill with tears every single time the bowtie hits the floor.

The tramp in Doctor Who Deep Breath was played by Brian Miller, the husband of the late, great Elisabeth Sladen!

And now we all know he was totally making toys on Trenzalore. SANTA IS THAT YOU?


How Peter Capaldi Melted The Hearts Of “Doctor Who” Fans Everywhere

Paradoxes. So many paradoxes.

Doesn't everyone

Doctor Who Shirt Bigger on the Inside by MaggiesCreationsLLC, $21.00

Doctor Who Valentine...I would die if my husband gave me this!

I was so conflicted about which board to put this Harry Potter one or the Doctor Who one :(


Doctor Who Series 8

Get it girl

because who doesn't need this gif on their board.

Pretty sure this Tumblr post has more plot twists than an entire season of Sherlock. 0_o ---THAT COMMENT! Hahaha!!!

Day 24: favorite quote. I really like this quote, though the episode it was in wasn't one of my favorite episodes. This sums up the Doctor so perfectly, and it is so hard to describe the Doctor in words. I love this quote so much, it's on my "about me" on my profile. It's such a beautiful quote, and I love it so much. (-Holly M.)

Father and son-in-law. Team Rory!

Moffat did say they were going to play with that episode in the new season...


Oh my gosh I had no idea