One step, two step, red step, blue step...rainbow stairs.

Rainbow building

Boeing 787

Color ~ Rainbow Street Art

Snow Cone Waterfall | Click it and be delighted.


Yarn Bombing

Multicolored piano stairs!!!!

colorful: Beaker Rainbow (via Maybe a Bruce banner/ hulk science lab set up with his science kits and beakers

This and Katwise's house are what the outside of my dream home look like. Surprisingly, Wally says he would be ok living in this house. He is slowly joining the force:)

Stairs Art

color therapy glasses: "select the color that corresponds to a specific energy that you need in your life and pop them on for an hour or so to feel the effects. Some people buy a full set of colored glasses and use them fluidly. You may have a specific issue that could be benefited by a single color used over a longer time. As with all things, go slow & no overdoing it!"

glowing pots. Selected by

rows of rainbows

Rainbow butterflies

love the rainbow piano keys!


(c) Raluca Ciubotaru


art glass marbles