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One problem, too short to climb on the counters. Plus there's not wide enough in general. :(

Short Girl Problems Are Everywhere

Short girl problems. Im not really short but this made me laugh.

It can get really frustrating. I need to find a good pair of sunglasses...

Short Girl Problems. This is why I avoid hugs. I don't really want to press my face into your chest.

This is just like when people stare because I'm fat. As though I have nooooo idea that I'm fat, and they're sooooo subtle as they stare. If I look at you looking you should know your casual gaping has crossed the borders of politeness into apparent staring. Your mother would be ashamed your behavior, or at least mine would have been.

Bwahaha. Yup! I always forget how short I am until I stand next to someone when I'm in three inch heels and I'm still eye level to their bicep.