I like the idea of a drying rack on the wall

Tribal Times - Home-loooove the rug! - Ombre Walls love the colors. this is also such a cute laundry room idea. love the drying rack for tanks, etc.



Laundry Room Designs: Rustic Laundry Room Design Ideas Plank Wall Laundry Room Organization For Small Laundry Rooms

Organized laundry room- it would have a bigger washer and dryer though

My dream house: Assembly required (38 photos)

I love the organization. I love the color. It makes me want to paint my laundry room. It just looks so happy!


5 Ways To Organize The Laundry Room

LOVE the stainless steel top on w/d combo, and labels on frosted glass cabinets. contemporary laundry room by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

As a rule, I think most clothes drying rack are tacky and awkward. This just may be an exception. When I have a home I want to build this.

How to Wash Clothes by Hand

Small-Space Laundry Center-squeezing a washing machine and dryer into any available space is common. Add fold-out drying racks to a wall to save space while still getting all the function required of a laundry center.

I have apparently been missing the new wallpaper and chandelier in the laundry room trend. Too bad. I like it.

Laundry Mud Rooms - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Laundry Mud Rooms in laundry/mud rooms by elite interior designers.

Laundry Room Storage - Small Shelf above the washer and dryer, great for storing small things.

Put shelves in laundry and extend top of cabinet for additional storage. FULL tutorial on simple directions to shorten cabinets and make shelving to the ceiling in smaller rooms like bathroom or laundry room. wine rack in the laundryroom?

laundry room folding station the drying rack that folds in and out

Love the drying racks on the wall. Would love to have a sorting station similar to this with 6 laundry baskets stacked 3 high under the chute. That way you wash one basket and use the basket for clean folded when done.