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Good lesson for kids! A true apology has three parts: I'm sorry. It wont happen again. What can I do to make it right?

Great trick for teaching children how to remember the positioning for lower case b and d

I have heard "is it true, is it helpful, is it necessary". Good reminders

Experiment with liquids! Using shaving cream, water, and vinegar mix with water color in different jars to watch how density affects the colored liquid. Color Lab Science is a great exercise for teaching kids about science via No Time For Flash Cards #STEM #Education #DIY

Tired of all the advice. We're all different. I'm not you and you're not me. You don't know how this FEELS from my point of view. You only know how it LOOKS from where you are.

These picture books about art are a great way to expose kids to famous works of art , the lives of artists and even to a little geography all without having to leave your house (or classroom!). From children ages 4 to 12+, there's a book for everyone in this selection!

25 Funny Books For Kids - Pinned by PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Numbersearches! Choose a number, write it in the middle box. Kids search vertically, horizontally and diagonally to find addends that equal the number. In 2nd grade we use this for numbers 7-20. It's a great "sponge" when you have a few spare minutes! I put a blank copy on my Pinterest page.

Idiom Lesson - use as a list of idioms for lessons - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins

Tact: means careful use of words when pointing something negative out about something or someone

Quotes for Kids: Classroom Decor Signs it's not a race. First one done not winner award.