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  • Lauren Hindhaugh

    Wow! Girl power or what. If I could ask the photographer one question, it would be how to make it look so realistic? Would love to attempt something like this myself!

  • Mathias de La Celle

    Holger Pooten Photography

  • K

    Brilliant Levitation Photography | athenna-design | Web Design ...

  • Chris Dease

    interesting photography and photo manipulations AND awesome 3-d Chalk drawings you may have not seen yet.

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Holger Pooten Photography

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I keep guns in my home because i am 43 times more likely to kill a family member, friend or acquintance and 22 times more likely to kill myself than to kill an intruder. Guns make me safe. (Statistics from New England Journal of Medicine)

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A beautiful picture that captures the feeling I get when I read. A sort of calmness washes over me and makes me feel alive and flying. Like anything is possible and that I'm free to go anywhere and dream of anything. -- Fidah

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