• Suzy Gee

    Up cycle pill bottles to store for travel: travel kit supplies: Q tips, cotton balls, safety pins, sewing kit. "Convert old medicine bottles into storage containers for small stuff"

  • Diana Sanderson

    upcycled pill bottles. Maybe put bobby pins in. great idea!

  • Connie Judd

    upcycled pill bottles for the purse. Q tips, bobby pins, splenda...

  • Samantha Rausch

    upcycled pill bottles - qtips, bobby pins, vitamins... with pretty scrapbook paper!

  • Brenda Mauigirl's Sandbox

    OK.. I've always reused the medicine bottles... BUT... I never thought to deviate then!! Upcycled pill bottles. Maybe put bobby pins in and throw in your handbag!--great idea!

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