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Stain Remover: 1 tsp Dawn Dishwashing Detergent, 3 - 4 Tbsp Hydogen Peroxide, 2 Tbsp Baking Soda Mix, apply to stain and scrub.

Studies show that weight is directly proportional to amount of clutter in your environment. When your life is cluttered, your movement is hampered. The simple act of trying to find a healthy snack becomes nearly impossible when your fridge or pantry is in shambles and that is just the beginning . . .

Weintrauben-Diät: So hilft dir roter Traubensaft beim Abnehmen

Roter Traubensaft hilft dir beim Abnehmen

3 pretty logical and good reasons NOT to go on a 100% Raw food diet. No pressure folks! But it's damn good! :) Watch and you know what I mean.