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Downtown Augusta, late 1940s or early 1950s

Augusta, 1901. General Clemendae Evans coming down street in Memorial Day Parade. At first I thought it was Robert E. Lee! ;)

Augusta, 1930s-1940s.; View of Broad Street. Confederate Monument in background.

Haunted pillar in Augusta, GA

Train tracks in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, 1930s-early 1940s.; View of Broad Street — with Gary Lee Hagerman Jr. Before my time.

John Gibson's & Son's XXXX Rye Whiskey Augusta Georgia

New Orleans 1950's

*Lightwood merchants, 1885, Augusta, Georgia

Augusta Canal trail, Augusta Ga

Augusta, Georgia

1912-1915.; Base of water tank on Cotton Row, 8th Street near the levee. The Cotton Exchange is on the left corner. The tall structure in background is Lamar Building

6th Street Rail Crossing, Riverwalk, Augusta, Georgia

A night out in WW II era San Diego by Vintage Roadside #vintage

So pretty, Augusta, Georgia

Canadian WWII poster, "Daddy helps build them to protect OUR FREEDOM"

Vintage copy of hometown radio station WBBQ top 50 hits.

Woman's place in war...the Women's Army Corps. #vintage #1940s #WW2 #propaganda

Canadian Women's Army Corps operating the telephone switchboard at Canadian Military Headquarters, London, 1945. #vintage #WWII #1940s

First Christian, Augusta GA

Augusta, 1930s.; View of Broad Street. Building to the far left houses the Augusta Herald. — with Gary Lee Hagerman Jr. Before my time! Look at the cars and the newspaper building still looks that way. On the far right was the GA RR Bank building.