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CONE-FECTIONS™ Raspberry Truffle Echinacea

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~~Helenium (Helens Flower) Rubinzwerg~~

Helenium (Helens Flower) Rubinzwerg I have different colors of Helenium. It's a terrific perennial.

BAPTISIA:The One Native Perennial Everyone Should Plant. Hardy in zones 4 - 8 | Midwest Living:

The One Native Perennial Everyone Should Plant

BAPTISIA:The One Native Perennial Everyone Should Plant. Also called False Indigo and loves the sun. Hardy in zones 4 - 8

Lithodora: Evergreen Perennial with Electric Blue Flowers

Lithodora: Evergreen and Electric Blue Radiance -- a slow-spreading, tumbling perennial that is totally easy-care for your garden!

Echinacea "Double Pink", perennial    these are beautiful too & i would love them in conjunction with the papyrus.... i think they would attract a lot of bees though & i don't want bees around the pool.  maybe in the front yard below the veggie garden.  i wonder how tall they get.

Echinacea "Double Pink" (Karin's Garden) Nativar Dilemma - ruffles deter pollinators, so sad. Stick with an original native from your ecoregion.

Discover which perennial flowers grow best in the shade with plant picks and tips from the experts at HGTV Gardens.

Perennial Flowers for Shade Gardens

‘Bluebird’ columbine is a hybrid of the native wildflower. The flowers on this hybrid face up and have long spurs. Columbine is a hummingbird favorite, while deer and rabbits leave it alone. Give it a spot in partial shade or in a woodland garden with soi

perennials which bloom all year

List of Perennials which Bloom all Year

Do you want some perennials in your garden which bloom all year? You will definitely wish that. Year round blooming perennials produce year round flowers and beautify your garden. These specialized…

Pretty Sedum is an easy-to-grow perennial that turns brick red during the fall.

Top 20 Perennials for Your Garden Sedum The fleshy leaves and bright flowers make sedum a popular perennial. It is practically foolproof, and offers spectacular color during the latter part of the growing season when most other flowers are fading.

Lungwort - 1 foot tall, "opal" has ice-blue flowers. shade perennial  plant with japanese painted fern or "jack Frost" brunnera for a delightful silver-on-silver.

Our Favorite Shade Garden Perennials

Vintage French Soul ~ Lungwort - 1 foot tall, "opal" has ice-blue flowers. shade perennial plant with japanese painted fern or "jack Frost" brunnera for a delightful silver-on-silver.

Most foxglove blossoms point down but this one points UP so the beautiful blooms that start peachy and end up dark pink very showy. Foxglove (Digitalis hybrida Candy Mountain) Perennial, Tall 3-4' (Plant 1-2' apart) Bloom Time: Early Summer to Late Summer Sun-Shade: Mostly Sunny to Mostly Shady Zones: 4-9   I started these from seed and I risked planting them (with trepidation) in an area with shade most of the day but hot afternoon sun. They thrived and all of them grew to AT LEAST 4 feet!

Digitalis Candy Mountain (Foxglove)

Foxglove ‘Candy Mountain’: Foxgloves are ideal plants for woodland gardens. The plants are very easy to grow and reseed freely. Flowers early june through july.

Aquilegias | Columbine

Columbine or aquilegia is a herbaceous perennial that is drought tolerant (once established) and self-seeds if not deadheaded. The plant grows to tall when in bloom and blooms late spring-early summer. Flowers come in a variety of colors. Grow in part s