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How To Make The Most Money From A Yard Sale

Want your next yard sale to super successful? Learn the strategies that work from displays, to advertisings and all the tips and ideas you can implement for your next yard sale so you too can bring in big money.

Yard Sale pricing is key to making the most money! Pin this for the next time you have a yard sale!

The Dos and Don'ts of Having a Yard Sale - From a Shopper's Point of View

I am a veteran yard saler so learn from my mistakes and experience! Here are my dos and don'ts for making money at a yard sale.

How to Sell on Amazon

Have you ever wondered how to sell on Amazon? One work-at-home mom walks you through all the steps. With low start-up costs you can turn a profit quickly.

Six Figure Business Ideas: How to Start a Six Figure Business

36 DIY Ideas You Need For Your Garage - Page 2 of 7

Pegboard Organization

When hanging pegboard, you want to make sure that the board is sitting 1/3" or so away from your wall so that the hooks, pegs, etc. can fit behind the board without damaging your wall. To do so, we put 7 washers on our screws to keep the board from the wall. You can also purchase little plastic spacers to go on your screws, but washers were a pretty cheap alternative. We also made sure to use wall anchors when hanging our pegboard, just to be safe and ensure that it can support the weight of…