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  • Derek n Andrea Hoffman

    Diary of Regular Moms: Baby Clothes Quilt. This would be a great project with old baby clothes

  • t m0nty

    I LOVE this idea! baby clothes quilt I keep looking for the perfect way to combine the kids’ clothes for display

  • Kathy Wilson

    A memory quilt made of baby clothes. Such a great idea! Wish I had saved some of my kid's clothes...

  • Lindsey Montgomery

    baby clothes quilt - for those baby clothes you just can't part with, make them into a quilt! ~LOVE this! I am such a hoarder of my kids old clothes

  • Toni Ulam Jones

    Great idea for those baby clothes that moms cannot seem to give away. From the blog of Diary of Regular Moms: Baby Clothes Quilt

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heart quilt from old baby clothes. I want this!!! I was thinking a crazy quilt from all of my girls blankies---this might be a better option!

Baby clothes keepsake Quilt. Awesome! Gonna make for Maddie. I wish I would have kept more of my son's baby clothes. I never would've even thought of something like this 11 years ago though :(

baby clothes quilt - for those baby clothes you just can't part with, make them into a quilt!

A perfect first birthday gift: a custom quilt made from treasured (and outgrown) baby clothes.

The baby outfits you can't part with and are put away into tubs made into a quilt... What an adorable thing for Mommy, and a great memory to share with each child when they're older! LOVE!

Should so do this! I've already planned to have one made of all his "school" (field trips/special type shirts) and also his baseball/sports (if ever there is any) shirt! Quilt idea from old baby clothes

baby clothes quilt! Love this for those onesies you just can't part with.

This is such a cool idea! Quilt made from old baby clothes that you can't part with. Send them off to this lady and she'll do the quilts for you!

Memory Quilt Custom Made w/baby clothes...You can order it made by 22Hands --this is also great inspirations to make your own!

I've seen this idea a few different places now, and really think its a neat idea. Make a quilt out of the outgrown baby clothes to help preserve the memories. This lady, as well as a few other sites I've seen, can make them for you. But maybe I'll attempt this as a future sewing project. :) Carrie Reese Hildreth

This one is the cutest I've seen yet. Just getting all these ideas ready for when I use Avery's old baby clothes for this! Love this idea!

10 Creative Keepsake Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes - And the hubby wanted to make me get rid of all Bugsy's clothes...