love the old milk can & sunflowers ♥


I love the old blue milk can with the dazzling orangey-red sunflower tipping over the edge. Some colors just feel very right together, like the color of the October sun in a vivid blue sky.


Sunflowers in an antique milk can, or just any way I can get them, even in a picture.

Ufa! - drops

Fall Florals: Crabapples, Rosehips, Forsythia Foliage, Viburnum Foliage, Dahlias, Yarrow, ‘Persian Carpet’ Zinnias, Solidago | Floret Flower Farm



Susan Bourdet || Artwork Ó meu belo filósofo...cante suas belas filosofias que acompanhamos... __Sol Holme__


Sunset field of sunflower, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ranunculus, orange & kumquats picked from tree w/branches & all

Old, New and Homemade - all purple flowers in different containers. Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.

Sunflowers - Sow weekly in May and June for a successive bloom from late July to frost. Giant sunflower varieties such as Mammoth and Sunzilla provide their own near-instant screen, but the more delicate ones grow to five feet, are covered in smaller blooms and add a degree of elegance missing in the linebacker versions.

purple and orange flowers of spring!!!! so pretty

tips for growing citrus indoors

for porch or corners of tent with some reds/oranges, etc. Field flowers - Read the stories on