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i love skeleton keys.. enough to get a tattoo? maybe..

unless you hold this key in your hand your whole life, no one has any idea what the hell this is...

lock and key tattoos | ... Tattoo Gallery | Rose, Sacred, Broken, Celtic, Tribal Heart Tattoos

Treble Clef Tattoo.. My first tattoo I got. This is not mine but I have the exact one on my right wrist :)

In the year 2413, a Key is a person, the person who unlocks the doors of time. No one can go into or out of a time zone without the permission of a key. Keys are the only people allowed to carry physical keys.

I've wanted to do this for a really long time, but it's cool to actually see it on a couple. =]

(Thats very nice!|There so many options its hard to pick sometimes|I like this one!)

Key Tattoo.... Something like this is my next tattoo but going to add Hay and Connor's names to it!

"Ah, yes! The keys! And now...uh,which one unlocks the tower...?"