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    Everyday I'm Snuff'lin. Lol! (I pin funny things like this to text to my son when he's being too serious or needs a laugh)

    Hello? I am laughing so hard I am crying right now. (@Gina Stinson does this remind you of anyone?!?!)

    Hahaha this is the story of my life or when I just need one thing from the grocery store and $100 later...

    I don't always keep the house spotless... but when I do, it's because I've been watching Hoarders.

    Totally me - hiding in the back room peaking around corners all ninja-like :)

    Sometimes I hate when people give me encouragement. I feel like saying "Shut up I know I can do it, I just don't want to"

    Ryan should have been using this line for years!

    I'm usually done hearing people before they even finish talking because I am a fast listener. Yes I Am...:)

    Ironic bc the show that I literally would watch for hours on end was The Big Bang Theory!! Love it!

    It happens to the best of us

    On a scale of one to ten, how focused are you? ................ banana. LOL. That's the way I Pinterest. #Funny #E_card #Attention_deficit