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  • Karen Johnson

    Dont be the GIRL who needs a man. Be the GIRL a MAN needs. #quotes

  • Jana Pope

    Be that girl! I love this quote!!!

  • Melanie Bradley

    when this became true in my life... the man that God thought I needed came along!

  • Nicole Lynn Bush

    yeah a bit to much with the F word? nahhh. Just speaking the truth. If there is ONE thing that I tell all woman - never, ever ever and I mean ever depend on any man. You need to take care of yourself, i n d e p e n d e n t l y. period. no ands ifs or butts.

  • Justine Clark

    quotes to live by

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Such a great quote love love love this!


you know it..

for real! thank God for giving us better friends than family hahaha - the friends we can actually tolerate, the family - not so much ;)!


I #Love My #Husband

A Pisces truly has the most generous and compassionate soul, because they give and give even when they have nothing left to give.

It's true.



so true

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Wine-glass holder for in the tub

so true. True love never walks away....

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Rottenecards - I have a black-belt in sarcasm, a degree in Smartass and experience in Bitch. Yep I am a damn Ninja. You have been warned.


Yess (: I love you Danielle