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Dark and haunting final novel by Shirley Jackson, one of the my favorite authors that no one seems to have heard of.

Beautiful film and my favorite music. If I could pick my lifes theme music... This would be I hula through life.

Oh, how I wish Rowling had stuck to her guns and killed off Arthur Weasley instead of Sirius Black! Not because I dislike Weasley; but because I love Sirius so much...

Heeheehee! I think to really appreciate this movie you had to have experienced not only the series, but also the 60's.

The "Boys and Ghouls" episode about "Friday the 13th" is up! Check it out... www.boysandghouls...

I love the simple, print-made quality of this fan generated 'The Lost Boys' poster. Two iconic images for anyone who knows the film.

A one legged stripper fights zombies. That about sums this one up. This one is done in the grindhouse fashion and is really over the top. 4 of 5

I love this poster of Pink Floyd - I even think I had one of those posters you color.

Comic-Style Cinema Characters Joshua Budich, Fight Club

Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein (1973). One of the most awful, awful movies ever. I've seen it at least three times, all for classes that I really enjoyed, and all my fellow-English-minor friends saw it, too, so I have fond memories of it. But it's a terrible film.