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  • Laura Leticia

    Give me 5 or class rules presented with Mr Potato Head pieces

  • Connie Stroud

    Classroom Behavior Chart (Class Rules) with Mr. Potato Head Prompts as Visual Clues - love it! Add Have FUN!!! with a smiley face :-)

  • Amanda Robinson

    Starting Your Day the Brain Smart Way! This is a picture of the class pledge: .... I took the idea for this cute chart straight from the book. The picture clues are made with Mr. Potato Head pieces.

  • Amy Borland

    Mr. Potato Head pieces to illustrate classroom rules.

  • Terri Mitchell

    class rules ... use Mr. Potato head for classroom management.

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This pin is teaching kids responsibility over how they feel and by providing many options to change how they are feeling, we teach them that there are many paths to reaching that goal, and if one path doesn't work, there are always more to try. Never give up!

This Safe Place creates a sense of removal from the busy classroom yet is easily seen by teachers. #iheartcd

Conscious Discipline by Becky Bailey The students are performing the Pretzel breathing technique similar to a hook up in Brain Gym.

Recommendations from Deanna Jump for starting the day -- using Dr. Becky Bailey's guidance from this book.

Rules and Behavior: Don't use Time-outs, instead have a "Safe Spot" to help them understand and regulate their emotions, instead of punishing the child for making poor choices. Teach the child how to solve problems and make better choices.

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So proud of my new Conscious Discipline school family job board!