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Silhouettes Chalk

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Crafted Paper

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Pastel Decorated

6Th Grade

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Paper Artisan

Duchamp Art

Marbling with chalk pastels

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Silhouette Paintings Ideas

Giraffe Silhouette Painting

Watercolor Silhouette

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Lessons Silhouette

Silouette Art

red and yellow mixing lesson

Silhouette Mosaics

Mosaic Silhouettes

Silhouette Art Projects

Shadow Silhouettes

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Silhouette Fun

Arts 6Th

The Arts

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The Art Room at The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts: 6th grade art

Mandala 6Th

Room Mandala

Mandala Art Lesson

Art Therapy Mandala

Mandalas Art

Mandalas Step

Radial Design Art Lesson

Diy Mandala Cd

Mandala Step By Step

Done this before, but might be fun to extend it onto a background like this! | mrspicasso's art room: mandala 6th grade. Great step-by-step lesson

Portraits Painting

Self Portrait Ideas Drawing

Self Portraits

Unusual Portraits

Text Portrait

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Self Portrait Art Lesson

Drawing Art Projects

Drawing: "Reflective Silhouette" Our first project will be an introductory lesson on contour drawing. Leads to awesome website with instructions!

Colored Silhouette

Background Silhouette

Silhouette Watercolor

Sunset Silhouette Art

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Animal Silhouette Art

Sunset Painting For Kids

Easy Watercolor Paintings Sunsets

Watercolour Pastels

Zoe3369's art on Artsonia

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Calvert Canvas

Canvas Adventures


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The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: Sculptural Paper Relief

Silhouettes Grade

Historic Silhouettes

Pastel Silhouettes

Silhouettes Repin

Backgrounds Silhouettes

Kara Walker Silhouettes

Superhero Silhouettes

Arts Grade

Grade 5 6

Hand dyed paper with silhouettes - grade 5/6 (could do simpler shapes for younger grades)

Marymaking Ideas

Leftover Scrap

Leftover Textured

Paper Kites

March Art Projects For Kids

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Left over scrap paper Idea. Fun watercolor background too

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Foil Printmaking

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Art with Small Hands glue/foil prints

Chalk Pastels

Chalk Pastel And Glue

Chalk On Black Paper

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Oil Pastels On Black Paper

Chalk Pastel Ideas

Chalk Pastel Techniques

Drawing On Black Paper

Chalk Pastel Drawings

Glue on black paper with chalk pastel

Grade Oil

Grade Art

5Th Grade

Oils W1

Oils Abstract

Abstract Gradients

Oil Pastel Art Abstract

Oil Pastel Art Lesson

Example Of Abstract

Kandinsky 5th grade oil pastel

Fall Art 5Th Grade

5Th Grade Art Lessons

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6Th Grade Thanksgiving Art

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Sunburst Paper

This project is simple enough, just folding and gluing. But, I didn't want to cut 2x2 squares for 24 5th graders. I didn't realize how complicated it is for 5th graders to cut 2x2 squares. At least, we have the sqaures cut for next time!!!

Christmas Lights Art Lesson

Christmas Pastel Art

Christmas Art 5Th Grade

Elementary Art Christmas

Art Christmas Winter

Art Winter

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Year Elementary

6Th Grade Christmas Activities

Art with Ms. Gram: Colored Value Lights (4th & 5th)

Silhouetted Cityscape

Silhouetted Landscapes

Landscapes Cityscape

Landscape Cityscape Waterscape

Cityscapes Skylines

Cityscape Art

Pretty Landscapes

Spectacular Silhouettes

Spectacular Skies

Spectacular Skies Silhouetted Landscapes or Cityscapes using Hand-Marbled Paper

Letters Elmers

Letters Fun

Alpha Letters

Names Letters

Chalk Pens

Paint Pens

Glue And Chalk

Prisma Colored

Colored Pencils

Illuminated Manuscript Letters. Elmers glue on black paper for outline. Chalk pastels aren't as vibrant on black once you've smeared them into the corners and sides (done several before), but vibrant Prisma colored pencils will work. The cool thing is the gold paint pen to make it look like a stained glass window. Very cool!

Chalk Pumpkins

Pumpkins Tons

Glue Line Pumpkins

Pumpkins Clear

Resist Pumpkins

Pumpkins Grade

Autumn Pumpkins

Attempt Chalk

Pastel Glue

a faithful attempt: Glue Line Chalk Pastel Pumpkins - Got to do this technique on SOMETHING - so cool.

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silhouettes! just what i wanted to do for our next art project!

Portraits Tempera

Drawing Portraits Painting

Pastel Portraits


Artroom Mixed

El Artroom

Ms Lessons

Art Room Lessons

Portraits Intermediate

self portrait, mixed media on top of photo?