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    36 hilarious memes and posts

    I think this is safe to say about almost all cartoons and anime yu yu hakusho/ rurouni kenshin

    this is awesome!

    Once you realize that all problems in life can be solved by using Star Wars quotes then we can be friends.

    so true

    Harry Potter book vs. movie fans


    Allegiant "cough cough" Allegiant I mean I try to pick up another book, but it feels like I just can't even read anything except for the words on the pages of the divergent books.....

    Marvel meeting DC counterparts? Captain America/Superman Iron Man/Batman

    Hahaha Deadpool

    "Gandalf the Sleepy…" BECAUSE HE IS IAN MCKELLEN AND HE CAN!!!

    OH YEAH!!!! Totes! I do that all the time and half the time it is because I am stuck and need more money, even though I can just go to the lumpy pumpkin and smash all their pumpkins. Er, I still feel bad about that.


    Frozen Love

    im laughing so hard

    Harry Potter

    George R.R. Martin and his lake of tears.

    Avengers Babies

    This why I love Captain America.


    Oh come on... It's Sonic! Obviously they are not and do not know gamers!


    The Original 'cake is a lie'? #Portal #Mario - AHAHAHA! This is so true and so funny, I can't BREATHE!