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Elvis Presley

The King of Rock 'N' Roll as well as the King of Hair! No need for a reason to post him up he's just a bad ass.

Elvis Presley - Loving You (the Alternate Album) [CD] USA import

Elvis Presley - Loving You (the Alternate Album) [CD] USA import

Elvis presley e marylin monroe (42) Vintage | Tumblr

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Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley - It's a photo shopped picture. But it 's still a cool picture.

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Elvis sigue siendo el rey

Elvis Presley dropped by The Commercial Appeal on the night of June 1956 and found an offbeat note. He saw a story that a Canadian radio station was banning his records. "A lot of people like it," was one of his comments.

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So proud to have been part of this history making . Love him, or hate him it is historic. First black President of the United States. Great moment and man in my opinion.- BARACK OBAMA by PLATON


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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, a cultural icon of the century, was a singer and actor. Elvis sold over one billion records and made 33 movies.What a Gorgeous Man!

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Elvis had tons of photo 'ops' during his Army service.Life Mag and other big circulating magazines as well as the movie mags all wanted photos and info on what life was like for Elvis in the army. My sis and I were glued to every detail!

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Visit Graceland and celebrate Elvis Aaron Presley week August The King of Rock and Roll. Listen to some of Elvis's songs, Jailhouse rock, My Way, Crying in the Ghetto and many more.

"Elvis chose to serve in a combat unit. If others want to argue that he did so because his agent, Colonel Tom Parker, thought it would be good for public relations' purposes, that's their opinion. But I don't believe it... our battalion could have gone to war with the Soviets at any time, there are real risks every single day in a combat unit... [Elvis] pulled his weight. He used his head and did his job well. He was one of us. He cared about us." - Retired Colonel, William J. Taylor, Jr…

Elvis Presley was very proud of his uniform. Even wore it at home on leave

Elvis Presley : The Ed Sullivan Show Rehearsals : New York, October 1956.

Elvis Presley : The Ed Sullivan Show Rehearsals : New York, October (Elvis was told by the Sullivan show producers that he could not move his hips, he told them it came natural so they shot him from waist up.so Elvis moved his little finger.