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Umm... Could someone please explain why really is missing an l, and has two i's in place of a y... not to mention you isn't spelled out. Pretty sure he won't miss you because you cannot spell.

One day I will say this about My husband and mother-in-law:) bc she won't be an uber bitch! :)

I am grateful beyond words to those who stood by me when I hit rock bottom. I am FOREVER loyal & owe you my life! <3

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I choose the latter...STRENGTH, and I've and stilll going thru someone's past who won't let it go or still living in their past n those hurst. That's not living that's their prison & i don't choose to be a cellmate in that kind of prison. Live n my love is more then that... quotes about strength - Bing Images

U don't have to find him he can come to you they best men come when you're not looking out of nowhere at least for me he came out of nowhere @Aaron Hawkins