karen combs

What a great quilt.

Karen Combs


Karen Combs

by Karen Combs student

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Karen Combs quilts of illusion, quilter, teacher, author, fabric designer

Karen Combs Quilt Illusion Video

Karen Combs

Karen Combs Studio Quilt Gallery Stairway to the Stars

This quilt by Karen Combs just glows. Another case of having a bit of yellow/gold to make the other colors sing.

Karen Combs

Karen is a professional longarmer in Australia.

HST Overload Quilt ~ a Red Pepper Quilts Pattern (by Karen)

Karen's Square Shadow Quilt

Keep your eyes open for this and other quilts. There has been a recent increase in quilts being stolen. This one happens to be Karen Combs and she uses it for her classes. What a visual type quilt and many hours lost.

Transparency - Karen Combs.

Churndash Court Quilt Pattern – Sassafras Lane Designs

Karen Combs