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"Today I learned that Marilyn did yoga. She credited it with toning and shaping her legs. Marilyn doing a headstand."

Marilyn Monroe doing Yoga Loved and Pinned by www.downdogboutiq... to our Yoga community boards

Marilyn Monroe doing shoulder stand... Sarvangasana

An all-time favorite pic of Marilyn Monroe jogging in an alley in Hollywood, 1951. #jogging #running #exercise

The premier of How To Marry A Millionaire. The night she said "I want to feel blonde all over."

Marilyn Monroe workout bring legs strait up like a candlestick position then slowly bring them over your head knees not bending and hold in each position for 10 seconds

I wish my hair looked that perfect and I smiled lots during my workouts..

I would go back in time and be Marilyn Monroe's friend. A real, true friend. I wuld too :-)

Marilyn Monroe has her hair done by Columbia's stylist, Helen Hunt, 1948.

Marilyn Monroe...something I would do...but now a days...they would throw you out. Lol