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Try this with addition facts... love this Multiplication Practice. Everyone wears "multiplication name tags" throughout the day. You always call each other by their "name". This is Mr. 32.--I LOVE this! Could do it all week to get gobs of practice in. GREAT IDEA!

Multiplication War - after multiplying, player with larger quotient collect both dominoes---or do with addition, or make two digit numbers

Fly Swatter Multiplication Game! Pick a table that you want to learn up to 12. Don't use the 0x, so that there is an even number of squares. Divide the poster board into 12 sections. Write each answer in one of the squares. Roll the math dice using the 7"s. For example you will leave one dice on 7. Roll the other dice. It makes and equation like 7x4. Say it outload "seven times 4 equals?" and using the fly swatter you hit the answer on the poster board!!! Very fun, highly addiciting

Vocab word on hat, the students walk around and have to try to figure out the word by the description given by other students.