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snowy seal

Most people can recall the horrible pictures of whitecoated harp seal pups being clubbed. The images were so inflammatory that Canada banned all hunting of baby harp seals in Thankfully, baby harp seals are no longer hunted in Canada.

Just a Cute Little Panda…

Possibly - cutest thing you've ever seen. This is my soft sculpture baby panda. You can see more of my work at Possibly - cutest thing you've ever seen Baby panda This is my soft sculpture baby You can see more of work at

Baby Seal

Some seals can swim up to 55 Kmph! (Sorry not a really good fact!


Funny pictures about Pomeranian puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Pomeranian puppy. Also, Pomeranian puppy photos.

Harp Seal pup may have broken the cutemeter.

Harp Seal pup resting on the ice.

Harp Seal is a very lovely and cute animal. We are giving here all interesting facts about Harp Seal with new photos-images.

Baby penguin by natasaJ

OH EM GEEE 🐧🐧😍 Penguin chick not really a Christmas bird at all. Puffins are really more the North Pole bird. Penguins are really more the South Pole Birds.