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    I want him !

    3y Saved to adorable !
    • Priscilla Delaforce

      Cute blue pit bull puppy. Actually make great pets, need to be trained, are smart, loving dogs, need to be exercised, can be great around Children as long as the child/children are taught to respect the dog, and know it's aggression signs. Playful, protective, and loyal. Great around other animals if socialized properly.

    • Jordan Henley

      Pitbull Puppy.. I don't see why people hate these dogs so much, i think they are beautiful... it is all in how these babies are raised.

    • Paige Reinhard

      Cute blue nose pit bull puppy. Someone please get me this dog. And then get me someone to actually take care of it because I'm not ready for the responsibility. But soooo cute!

    • Dogs

      I swear the first thing I'll do when I have my own place is get a stinkin' pitbull <3 American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Dog Dogs Puppies

    • Alexandra Wruck

      Cute blue nose pit bull puppy Awww! I have such a love hate relationship with pitbulls.. I love them even if they scare me sometimes :)

    • Came Lara

      Cute blue nose pit bull puppy. Who wouldnt want this little guy? I would take him in a heartbeat if I could. #DogLover #pitbull #bully #americanbully #terrier #dogs #puppies #cute #cutebullies

    • R Sinclair

      blue nose #pitbull puppy dogs American pit bull terrier Staffie Staffordshire terrier

    • Alexis Fetner

      Cute blue nose pit bull puppy! Sweet baby

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