Sesame Street Fruit - Kitchen fun definitely has the right idea here. Fun and healthy is the perfect combination, and who doesn’t LOVE Sesame Street? We bet you could make all of your favorite characters!

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Sesame street fruit and veggies

Summer Learning series week 2: trains wrap up » My Mommy Style

.Frog is eating all the fruit!

Fun kid foods

Fruit Owl Centerpiece

Fun food

Gezonde traktatie. Ernie en bert

Sunflower snack

Someone has too much fun with snack time:)

Un chouette gouter, équilibré et fruité :) #kiri #recette #Kids #food #snack #fun #owl #fruit

Kids will love these cute STAR SNACKS for parties, afternoon & just because! Check out these other snack ideas too:

VHC- Cute fruit decoration plate

Food faces for fun with Kate

Fun Foods

Fruit Turkey Snack

such a cute idea!

owl lunch. G would love!

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madke a phone fruit snack using 1 red apple, 1 banana, 5 mini marshmallows, 1 Twizzler string, and edible marker