So sad... Rare Volumes Destroyed in Blaze at Egyptian Institute Founded by Napoleon



books + books.






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books in watercolor.

Embossed leather book cover

Abandoned libraries make me so sad...

abandoned russian library-how sad

An Egyptian book restorer lays out burned and damaged books to dry in the garden of the Institut d'Egypte on Monday after a fire over the weeked nearly gutted the building and destroyed much of its contents.

I need a bay window with a seat to put these pillow books... where I can melt away with my books!

Old French Books... The love of books! It's a passion that is rooted far too deep to ever get to the core... If I were ever to be rid of this love, I think my soul would die.

Lovely books

altered book Way cool!

St. Joseph's Seminary, UK

DIY Kindle Cover from a Hardcover Book #DIY #Reading #Books