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I feel bad for putting Barbara Streisand in a category about "Old Hollywood" but if you're a legacy, you're a legacy. Here she is in "Funny Girl". She's workin' the hair, the swooped bangs, the headwrap, and the dress, all while playing irresistible to her man.

Barbara Streisand...gorgeous, talented and funny! There is nothing she can't do.

Unique and Beautiful Streisand. Love this shot of her profile; nose and all! She is a woman who pushed through the obsticals of stereotype and being told she wasn't beautiful.

Funny Girl -- Jewish Actor / The one and Only... Singer extraordinaire: Barbara Streisand.

Barbara Streisand

Possibly my fave actress ever. Watch Funny girl, its amazing.

my hair and beauty movie icon - barbra streisand as fanny bryce in 'funny girl.' i love how she looks in every single frame.

Barbara Streisand - Natural beauty - EB x