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A girl's Standards- let her daddy set an amazing example for how a man should treat her. My mom is my daddy's world. He knows how to treat her right.

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This explains my life.actions do speak louder than words. Thanks Drake, I'm glad at least one guy figured this out.

@Samantha Riccio and every blonde needs a brunette best friend! <3

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend. thats why my besties are both brunettes

Too true Know Jesus is always w/ me til see His Majesty Ty 4 pin

Sometimes we simply need someone to be there. Not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular, but to just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.

You say my morals are old fashioned? I say it's a sign of being brought up properly.

Brought up properly, old fashioned style. Thanks mom dad! Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop too:-)


Inspiration Having a rough morning?Place your hand over your heart.Feel that? That’s called purpose.You’re alive for a reason.Don’t give up.

If I'm weird around you, it's because I'm comfortable

If I’m weird around you, it’s because I’m comfortable

So nice

I'm the girl. I AM this girl. I want a campfire, not candles (those are nice sometimes too) I want mountains to climb, challenges in life, I want excitement and predictability. I am easy to love and love with ferocity.

this is me. Over thinking every small thing for hours at a time, thinking of things that could go wrong, being insecure no matter what people tell me. I know I am smart. I am brave. I am strong. I am beautiful. However, there will always be that little voice in my head reminding me everything everyone has said and it breaks me down. So stick with me but know what you're dealing with. As for analyzing, I've been told I do math in the hardest way possible but to me, it's always been the…

why do i doubt that all these 'drake quotes' are things he's actually said. lol maybe i AM that smart girl. but i doubt any guy finds these smart girl qualities attractive unless they're hungry for the waffle.