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  • Danielle DeBow

    Welcome to 28. Where every other weekend is a baby shower, shopping at Forever 21 is becoming awkward and hangovers last 2 days.... | Encouragement Ecard |

  • Angel Weier

    Crap, this is completely my life right now, except with weddings instead of baby showers.

  • Rachel Stewart

    So true. Except baby showers. It's kiddos birthday parties!

  • Sarah Baily

    Not so much on the baby showers but oh so true on the hangovers.

  • Sarah Chittim

    yeah... so not looking forward to my birthday...

  • Jessica Vona

    Happy Birthday To Me.... This is so sad Bc it's so true :(

  • Kristi Blockler

    Holy crap ain't that the truth. Except the baby shower part.

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