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Kråkvik & D'Orazio — Siren Lauvdal

Kråkvik & D'Orazio — Siren Lauvdal

A selection of Japanese ceramics, pure and simple.Sources at the bottom of the page.Sources: http://www.utsuwa-ku.com/library/2010-10.htmlhttps://fr.pinte

I'm not sure who made these elegant bowls.

mejuki:Gentl and Hyers

Jim Franco Ceramics photographed by Gentl and Hyers for Dara Artisans

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Black ceramics odd and simple shapes by kazunori ohnaka

art design shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtDesignShop

teapot by nami kawakami

Beautiful Ceramics

K.H. Würtz

Beautiful Ceramics

Malinda Reich #ceramics #pottery

Malinda Reich Vase no.

inge vincents. I love the slightly altered form. Very thin and simple to look purposefully flawed.

Incredibly delicate line of ceramics called “Thinware" by Inge Vincents

Mineral by Yasha Butler

Mineral by Yasha Butler

Wasara's Maeu range made from renewable, tree-free materials, like bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse, which is a by-product of sugarcane. Would love to see this IRL.

Vaisselle japonaise 55731 C Nathalie Carnet

Japanese dishes - The house pastel fashion

lalatomtom:  (via lalatomtom)

lalatomtom: (via lalatomtom)

A beautifully simple tool to create moodboards.


10 vessels - do this for presentation of 5 wheel thrown vessels

kirstie van noort

kirstie van noort

3-D printed ceramic Carafe and cups by Unfold (Belgium)

Unfold Desgn Studio: The Stratigraphic Porcelain series is designed for the ceramic printer. It's a series of tableware, still evolving. Each piece in the series has its own source code, referring to the number of facets from which the object is constr

‘Share.Food’ examines the dining etiquette of the 21st century, specifically breaking down of rigid conventions and the emergence of sharing. The plates and cups are designed to give users the ability to shift their orientation to present a welcoming and easier means to distribute items. Sharing facilities the creation of a welcoming and intimate environment. …

Share food ceramics collection facilitates friendly dining

Food"Ceramics facilitate friendly dining by Bilge Nur Saltik