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  • JP Allen

    Rupert Graves. Sexy British actor. You may know him from his parts in V for Vendetta and BBC's Sherlock.

  • Amy Selvaggio

    Rupert Graves. Superb Actor. Silver Fox

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Does Rupert Graves look like a doctor in the Old West? I hope so, because he's the inspiration for Doctor Jacob Whitman in Massacre.

Rupert Graves. Detective Inspector... MMMM MMM MMMMM! Yum... hottie.... yumminess!

Lestrade before Sherlock Holmes, the aftermath is the reason he went grey haha

rupert graves. he's good at football and has five kids. (oh, benedict, you little fanboy.) i'm thinking he's probably popular with moms (or maybe that's just my mom).

different for girls. watched it this morning. initially drawn to it because of rupert graves, but i fell in love with it quite quickly. it's a beautiful story.

As well as behind-the-scenes Sherlock gems like this – but only when Twitter is on its best behaviour.

'For Good' from Wicked. ...gif-set here - the-iou-apple.tum...

  • Your Mom

    Sherlock AND Wicked?!?!? Perfect!!!!!

  • Dårlig Ulv

    This was already an emotional song for me, and now this happened...I'm so done

Amidst all this Sherlock and John, let us take a moment to appreciate some Greg Lestrade.<--But seriously.

  • Kristin Freeman

    Papa Lestrade has your goddamn back

  • Kathleen Driver

    If Molly does not end up with Sherlock then she should be with Greg. He likes her I think.

  • Nicole Collins

    It doesn't matter who likes her, it matters who SHE likes. I would love to see her affection deviate from Sherlock, out of self respect. And I wouldn't oppose her liking Greg. I adore him. But first and foremost we must not expect the male characters to always get what they want. I'm really interested in Molly's character, independent of her male counterparts.

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Misleading Moriarty :P He is actually good at hide and seek, if you think about it. Moriarty hides (in plain sight sometimes), and only Sherlock can find him. Everyone thinks they are hiding from Moriarty, and he finds them and kills them.

rupert penry-jones | Rupert Penry-Jones