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"Thinking further about the term, we see that it is a portmanteau between “cybernetics” and “space.” Thus we might also define “cyberspace” as a site where information is organized and controlled. Gibson sometimes emphasizes cyberspace’s lack of physicality or materiality, calling it a “nonspace.” "

07, Stepan Alekseev on ArtStation at

Neo Tokyo inspiration - mixing the old in with the new, traditional Japanese buildings shown down at the ground level in amidst the bright street lights from all the street vendors and businesses. Set to a backdrop of towering sky-scrappers plunging into the darkness, the contrasting lights from the offices in the towers appear like stars in the night sky.

from Cleekworks

Vintage Sci Fi Poster Amazing Stories Liners Of Space

Ben Gleed, King Of Speed by Don Wilcox Amazing Stories - December * 20c * See Back Cover Liners Of Space by Henry Gade Great Stories by Manly Wade Wellman Ralph Milne Farley * Nelson S. Bond