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  • Anna Lloyd

    Sponge Brigade - summer outdoor game water play

  • Lesley Conn

    Summer Birthday Party ~ Sponge Brigade @Christianne Crump Fun....this would be hilarious to watch

  • Anne Baker

    Sponge Brigade. This would be a fun summer game.

  • Kristen Kiley

    What a great summer game! Divide players into 2 teams and have members lie down side by side, alternating directions. Place bucket of water near head of each line. The first player on each team holds a large, soaked sponge with her feet. At "Go," the teams use their feet to pass their sponge down the line and back. If a player drops it, he may sit up to recover it but can use only his feet to get it back into the game. First team to get their sponge into the bucket wins.

  • Nikki Grondin

    Sponge relay!

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